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Selected Publications
    International Journal
  • Renhe Jiang, Minxue Pan, Yu Pei, Tian Zhang, Xuandong Li. Documentation-Based Functional Constraint Generation for Library Methods.  In  Journal of Software: Testing, Verification and Reliability, download
  • Jiawan Wang, Lei Bu, Shaopeng Xing, Xuandong Li. Path-Oriented Derivative-Free Approach for Safety falsification of Nonlinear and Nondeterministic CPS.  In  IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, download
  • Lei Bu, Yongjuan Liang, Zhunyi Xie, Hong Qian, Yi-Qi Hu, Yang Yu, Xin Chen, Xuandong Li. Machine Learning Steered Symbolic Execution Framework for Complex Software Code.  In  Formal Aspects of Computing, download
  • Zhiqiang Zuo, Kai Wang, Aftab Hussain, Ardalan Amiri Sani, Yiyu Zhang, Shenming Lu, Wensheng Dou, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li, Chenxi Wang, Guoqing Harry Xu. Systemizing Interprocedural Static Analysis of Large-scale Systems Code with Graspan.  In  TOCS, download
  • Rong Gu, Zhiqiang Zuo, Xi Jiang, Han Yin, Zhaokang Wang, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li, Yihua Huang. Towards Efficient Large-Scale Interprocedural Program Static Analysis on Distributed Data-Parallel Computation.  In  IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, download
  • Lingyun Situ, Zhiqiang Zuo, Le Guan, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li, Jin Shi, Peng Liu. Vulnerable Region-Aware Greybox Fuzzing.  In  Journal of Computer Science and Technology, download
  • Chinese Journal
  • 肖安祥, 张硕骁, 汤恩义, 陈 鑫, 王林章。一种经验库制导的浮点程序优化加速策略。 计算机学报, download
  • 高凤娟, 王豫, 周金果, 徐安孜, 王林章, 吴荣鑫, 张川, 苏振东. 高精度的大规模程序数据竞争检测方法.  In  软件学报, download
  • 张弛, 司徒凌云, 王林章。物联网固件安全缺陷检测研究进展。 信息安全学报, download
  • 高凤娟; 王豫; 司徒凌云; 王林章。基于深度学习的混合模糊测试方法。 软件学报, download
  • International Conference & Workshop
  • Zhiqiang Zuo, Yiyu Zhang, Qiuhong Pan, Shenming Lu, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li, Guoqing Harry Xu. Chianina: An Evolving Graph System for Flow- and Context-Sensitive Analyses of Million Lines of C Code.  In  PLDI2021, download
  • Meng Sha, Xin Chen, Yuzhe Ji, Qingye Zhao, Enyi Tang, Xuandong Li. Synthesizing Barrier Certificates of Neural Network Controlled Continuous Systems via approximations.  In  DAC, download
  • Tongtong Xu, Minxue Pan, Yu Pei, Guiyin Li, Xia Zeng, Yuetang Deng, Xuandong Li. Guider: GUI Structure and Vision Co-Guided Test Script Repair for Android Apps.  In  ISSTA, download
  • Qingye Zhao, Xin Chen, Yifan Zhang, Meng Sha, ZhengFeng Yang, Wang Lin, Enyi Tang, Qiguang Chen, Xuandong Li. Synthesizing ReLU Neural Networks with Two Hidden Layers as Barrier Certificates for Hybrid Systems.  In  HSCC, download
  • Zhong Li, Minxue Pan, Tian Zhang, Xuandong Li. Testing DNN-based Autonomous Driving Systems under Critical Environmental Conditions.  In  ICML2021, download
  • Zhiqiang Zuo, Kai Ji, Yifei Wang, Wei Tao, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li, and Guoqing Harry Xu. JPortal: Precise and Efficient Control-Flow Tracing for JVM Programs with Intel Processor Trace.  In  PLDI, download
  • Wang, Jiawan and Bu, Lei and Xing, Shaopeng and Wu, Yuming and Li, Xuandong. Combined Online Checking and Control Synthesis: A Study on a Vehicle Platoon Testbed.  In  International Symposium on Formal Methods, download
  • Xing, Shaopeng and Wang, Jiawan and Bu, Lei and Chen, Xin and Li, Xuandong. Approximate optimal hybrid control synthesis by classification-based derivative-free optimization.  In  Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, download
  • Mahadewa, Kulani and Zhang, Yanjun and Bai, Guangdong and Bu, Lei and Zuo, Zhiqiang and Fernando, Dileepa and Liang, Zhenkai and Dong, Jin Song. Identifying privacy weaknesses from multi-party trigger-action integration platforms.  In  the 30th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, download
  • Wang, Limin and Bu, Lei and Song, Fu. Locality Based Cache Side-channel Attack Detection.  In  International Workshop on Security Proofs for Embedded Systems,