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Selected Publications
    International Journal
  • Renhe Jiang, Minxue Pan, Yu Pei, Tian Zhang, Xuandong Li. Documentation-Based Functional Constraint Generation for Library Methods.  In  , download
  • Ling-Yun Situ, Lin-Zhang Wang, Yang Liu, Bing Mao, Xuan-Dong Li. Automatic Detection and Repair Recommendation for Missing Checks.  In  Journal of Computer Science and Technology (JCST), download
  • Lei Bu, Qixin Wang, Xinyue Ren, Shaopeng Xing, Xuandong Li. Scenario-based Online Reachability Validation For CPS Fault Prediction.  In  IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and System (TCAD), download
  • Yuchao Duan, Zhe Zhao, Lei Bu, Fu Song. Taking Care of The Discretization Problem: A Black-Box Adversarial Image Attack in Discrete Integer Domain.  In  , download
  • Feng Tan, Liansheng Liu, Stefan Winter, Qixin Wang, Neeraj Suri, Lei Bu, Yu Peng, Xue Liu, Xiyuan Peng. Cross-Domain Noise Impact Evaluation for Black Box 1 Two-Level Control CPS.  In  ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems, download
  • Chinese Journal
  • 司徒凌云, 王林章, 李宣东, 刘杨。基于应用视角的缓冲区溢出检测技术与工具。 软件学报, download
  • 张秋萍, 王熙灶, 沈思远, 张时雨, 卜磊, 李宣东。面向事件驱动智能家居物联网系统的 自动化配置、仿真与验证平台。 物联网学报, download
  • International Conference & Workshop
  • Yufei Yang, Wenbo Luo, Yu Pei, Minxue Pan, Tian Zhang. Execution Enhanced Static Detection of Android Privacy Leakage Hidden by Dynamic Class Loading.  In  Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), download
  • Minxue Pan, Shouyu Chen, Yu Pei, Tian Zhang, Xuandong Li. Easy Modelling and Verification of Unpredictable and Preemptive Interrupt-driven Systems.  In  International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), download
  • Ruihua Ji, Junyu Pei, Wenhua Yang, Juan Zhai, Minxue Pan, Tian Zhang. Extracting Mapping Relations for Mobile User Interface Transformation.  In  Internetware, download
  • Minxue Pan, Tongtong Xu, Yu Pei, Zhong Li, Tian Zhang, and Xuandong Li. GUI-Guided Repair of Mobile Test Scripts.  In  International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion (ICSE Companion), download
  • Tongtong Xu. Improving Automated Program Repair with Retrospective Fault Localization.  In  International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion (ICSE Companion), download
  • Lei Bu, Shaopeng Xing, Xinyue Ren, Yang Yang, Qixin Wang, Xuandong Li. Incremental Online Verification of Dynamic Cyber-Physical Systems.  In  Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE), download
  • Zhiqiang Zuo, John Thorpe, Yifei Wang, Qiuhong Pan, Shenming Lu, Kai Wang, Guoqing Harry Xu, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li. Grapple: A Graph System for Static Finite-State Property Checking of Large-Scale Systems Code.  In  European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys), download
  • Yifei Lu, Minxue Pan, Juan Zhai, Tian Zhang, Xuandong Li. Preference-wise testing for Android applications.  In  ACM Joint Meeting on European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, download
  • Xie Wang, Huaijin Wang, Zhendong Su, Enyi Tang, Xin Chen, Weijun Shen, Zhenyu Chen, Linzhang Wang, Xianpei Zhang, Xuandong Li. Global optimization of numerical programs via prioritized stochastic algebraic transformations.  In  International Conference on Software Engineering, download
  • Xiaofei Ge. Android GUI Search Using Hand-drawn Sketches.  In  International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion (ICSE Companion), download
  • Lingyun Situ, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li, Le Guan, Wenhui Zhang, Peng Liu. Energy Distribution Matters in Greybox Fuzzing.  In  International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion (ICSE Companion), download