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Selected Publications
    International Journal
  • Yang Liu, Xuandong Li, Yan Ma. A Game-based Approach PCTL* Stochastic Model Checking with Evidence.  In  Journal of Computer Science and Technology, download
  • He Xiao, Zhang Tian, Hu Changjun, Ma Zhiyi, Weizhong Shao. An MDE Performance Testing Framework Based on Random Model Generation.  In  Journal of Systems and Software, download
  • Chinese Journal
  • 鲍铁匀 高凤娟 周严 李游 王林章 李宣东。基于目标制导符号执行的静态缓冲区溢出警报自动确认技术。 信息安全学报, download
  • 汤恩义,周岩,欧建生,陈鑫。面向条件判定覆盖的线性拟合制导测试生成方法。 软件学报, download
  • 陈鑫,黄超,张一帆,梅一鸣。面向方面设计中干涉问题的分析工具。 软件学报, download
  • 汤恩义等。一种符号执行制导的循环内界分析方法。 电子学报, download
  • 翟娟、汤震浩、李彬、赵建华、李宣东。常用循环的摘要的自动生成方法及其应用。 软件学报, download
  • 何啸,李文峰,张天,麻志毅,邵维忠,胡长军。一种随机化的软件模型生成方法。 软件学报, download
  • International Conference & Workshop
  • Tao Ye, Lingming Zhang, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li. An Empirical Study on Detecting and Fixing Buffer Overflow Bugs.  In  ICST, download
  • Juan Zhai, Jianjun Huang, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang, Lin Tan, Jianhua Zhao, Feng Qin. Automatic Model Generation from Documentation for Java API Functions.  In  ICSE 2016, download
  • Juan Zhai, Bin Li, Zhenhao Tang, Jianhua Zhao, Xuandong Li. Precondition Calculation for Loops Iterating over Data Structures.  In  QRS, download
  • Fengjuan Gao, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li. BovInspector: Automatic Inspection and Repair of Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities.  In  ASE, download
  • Xin Li, Yongjuan Liang, Hong Qian, Yi-Qi Hu, Lei Bu, Yang Yu, Xin Chen, and Xuandong Li. Symbolic Execution of Complex Program Driven by Machine Learning Based Constraint Solving.  In  ASE, download
  • Chao Huang, Xin Chen, Yifan Zhang, Shengchao Qin, Yifeng Zeng, Xuandong Li. Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Multi-Robot Navigation.  In  IJCAI International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence Organization,
  • Chieh-Jan Mike Liang, Lei Bu, Zhao Li, Junbei Zhang, Shi Han, Börje F. Karlsson, Dongmei Zhang, Feng Zhao. Systematically Debugging IoT Control System Correctness for Building Automation.  In  International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments 2016, download
  • Bin Li, Zhenhao Tang, Juan Zhai, Jianhua Zhao. Automatic Invariant Synthesis for Arrays in Simple Programs.  In  International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security 2016, download
  • Zhengfeng Yang, Chao Huang, Xin Chen, Wang Lin, Zhiming Liu. A Linear Programming Relaxation Based Approach for Generating Barrier Certificates of Hybrid Systems.  In  Formal Methods - 21st International Symposium 2016, download
  • Xia Zeng, Wang Lin, Zhengfeng Yang, Xin Chen, Lilei Wang. Darboux-type Barrier Certificates for Safety Verification of Nonlinear Hybrid Systems.  In  EMSOFT, download
  • Lingyun Situ, Yu Wang, Fengjuan Gao, Linzhang Wang, Lei Bu, Jianhua Zhao, Xuandong Li. ACSPChecker: An ASP based CSP Model Checking Tool.  In  Internetware, download