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Academic lecture from Dr. Guangdong Bai

报告标题: Scrutinizing Security Software and Protocols with Formal Methods

报告人: Guangdong Bai

报告时间: 2020117(周四) 10 : 00



This talk will brief our research results on applying formal methods for security analytics. It will show how formal analysis identifies logic flaws from various real-world applications, including web authentication, online payment andmobile apps. This talk will then focus on our approach that uses software model checking technique to verify Android apps. We have built a general framework named DroidPF which enables to explore the concrete state spaces, addresses the challenge caused by event-driven execution paradigm, and alleviates state space explosion.



Dr.Guangdong Bai is a Senior Lecturer in the University of Queensland, Australia. He obtained his PhD degree from National University of Singapore, and master and bachelor degrees from Peking University. His research interest includes security, software engineering and formal methods. During his previous research, he has worked on analyzing Web protocols, online payment, Android security and IoT security. His research has produced impactful results which contribute to security enhancement of widely-used websites/applications like Sina Weibo, Facebook, Helium, Mozilla and Hadoop, and mobile device vendors like Samsung and Huawei (under CVE and SVE). His work appears on top academic conferences and journals such as NDSS, TSE, ASE and FM.