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Academic lecture from Prof. Kazuhiro Esaki
Title: Instruction of Verification of Quality Model Based on Quality Requirements & Evaluation of SQuaRE
Presenter: Prof. Kazuhiro Esaki

Time: 11:30AM May 31, 2012 
Location: Room 233, CS Building, Xianlin Campus


    In order to take the profit based on the success of new product development. It is very important to define the quantitative quality requirement of new system product during system design phase. For the purpose of define the target quality of product, the method of quantitative quality requirement definitions based on ISO/IEC 9126 quality model that includes six characteristics is widely recognized, which are defined from the view point of customer satisfaction. However independency of each characteristic is not sure and the suitability of method by using these six quality characteristics for quality requirement is not certified statistically.
    In the first paper, we propose the result of verification about effectiveness of quantitative quality requirement definition from the view point of six characteristics defined in ISO/IEC 9126.
    In the second paper introduces the ISO/IEC 25030, 25040 and 25041 for specifying quality requirements and evaluation of systems and software products and software products for development and acquisition of them.