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Academic lecture from Prof. Doron Peled

Title: Knowledge based Synthesis of Control for Distributed Systems

Presenter: Prof. Doron Peled

Time: 14:00PM May 22, 2012 

Location: Room 233, CS Building, Xianlin Campus


Classic distributed control problems have an interesting dichotomy: they are either trivial or undecidable. lf we allow the controllers to fully synchronize then synthesis is trivial In this case controllers can effectively act as a single controller with complete information, resulting in a trivial control problem. But when we eliminate communication and restrict the supervisors to locally available information, the problem becomes undecidable. In this work we argue in favor of a middle way. Communication is, in most applications,expensive,and should hence be minimized We therefore study a solution that tries to communicate only scarcely and, while allowing communication in order to make joint decision, favours local decisions over joint decisions that require communication.