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Academic lecture from Prof. Jean Bézivin
Title: Do we still need modeling languages?
Presenter: Prof. Jean Bézivin

Time: 10:00AM May 22, 2012
Location: Room 233, CS Building, Xianlin Campus


    The first assembly programming languages were often complemented by flowchart modeling notations as an aid to produce new programs or to understand already written existing ones. More than half a century later, people are still often using UML or other modeling notations in complement to Scala, Java, Dart or other programming languages. In spite of the continuous improvements to programming languages and their IDEs over this long period of time, there is still no strong convergence between programming and to evolve independently in a scheme of mutual cooperation. But the boundary between them has never been precisely drawn. Some people even question the fundamental distinction between modeling and programming, suggesting the perhaps both activities could merge in long term.