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Academic lecture from Dr. Lin Mei

Title: Cognitive Context Modeling: Exploring the Power of User Intelligence
Presenter: Dr. Lin Mei

Time: 13:00PM Nov17, 2011
Location: Room 230, CS Building, Xianlin Campus


As computing becomes ubiquitous and intelligent, it is possible for systems to adapt their behavior based on information sensed from the situational context. However, determining the context space has been taken for granted in most ubiquitous applications, and so that context-adaptive systems often miss the situational factors that are most relevant to users. The mismatch between a system's computational model and users' mental model of the context may frustrate and disorient users. This talk presents the benefits of modeling contexts as an continuous evolving process and shows a unified framework for it. We also briefly cover two common methods that have been proposed to deal with the complexity and dynamics in context specification, namely AHP optimization and policy definition, and discuss the applicability of this research to context-aware power management.