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Academic lecture from Dr. Pei Yu

Title: Automated Fixing of Programs with Contracts
Presenter: Dr. Pei Yu
                 Chair of Software Engineering at ETH Zürich
Time: 10:00AM July 21, 2011
Location: Room 109, MMW Building


In program debugging, finding a failing run is only the first step; what about correcting the fault? Can we automate the second task as well as the first? The AutoFix-E tool employs different techniques for fault localization and fix synthesis to automatically generate fixes to software faults, and validates the fixes through regression testing. One key insight behind AutoFix-E is to rely on contracts present in the software to ensure that the proposed fixes are semantically sound. Applications of AutoFix-E to both data structure classes and a general purpose library show the approach is able to propose proper fixes, i.e. fixes that survive human inspection, to a significant percentage of faults.