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    I was born in Baoji, a beautiful city in west of Shaanxi province. When I was eleven, my family moved to Xi'an, which is the capital city of Shaanxi province, and also capital city of China for thirteen dynasties including Han and Tang.
    I went to Nanjing after I was admitted by Nanjing University in the year 2002 and started my study in the Department of Computer Science and Technology. I got my bachelor degree in 2006 as one of the top 20 students and admitted by the graduate school without entrance examinations. I joined the Software Engineering Group in October, 2005. My life as a graduate student began in 2006. My major is Computer Software and Theory. And now I am a Ph.D. candidate, studying and doing research in Software Engineering Group under supervision of Professor Xuandong Li, the Dean of the Department of Computer Science and Technology. I am expecting to get my Ph.D. degree in 2011, if, fortunately, my Ph.D. program is not extended.
    My research interest mainly focuses on service oriented computing, web services analysis and verification and software engineering. Now I am also eager to know more about: web services formalization and verification, program analysis on service-based applications, services compatibility and automatic composition, web services (composition) testing / run-time verification, emerging services computing paradigms and technologies.



    I like sports. My favorite one is swimming, and I swim every week if I have time. I also play basketball and badminton. Besides, I want to learn how to play tennis. Sometimes, I go to gyms.
    Photography very interested. There are so much fun and beauty in our life. Thanks to the digital camera, we can take a pictures of the beauty and interesting things, especially in traveling. Traveling is wonderful. It's very exciting to see different views and meet different people telling different stories. And by their stories, I get to know their history.
    When I need some rest, I will probabliy turn to music and movies. Music can help me release the pressure. Watching movies is also interesting.





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