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Photo of Enyi Tang
Office: 917, Feiyimin Building
Enyi Tang 汤恩义
Assistant Professor, Software Institute of Nanjing University

    Software Institute of Nanjing University,
    State Key Laboratory for Novel Software and Technology,
    Nanjing University, 22 Hankou Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China 210093


Research Interests

  • Now I focus my research on several problems of software properties. And use both static program analysis and dynamic software testing methods.


  • Doctor Of Philosophy Nanjing University
  • Undergraduates Nanjing University


  • Enyi Tang, Earl T. Barr, Xuandong Li, Zhendong Su: Perturbing numerical calculations for statistical analysis of floating-point program (in)stability. ISSTA 2010: 131-142
  • 李倩,汤恩义,戴雪峰,王林章,赵建华 Java指针指向分析优化 软件学报 2011年 第22卷 6期 1140-1154
  • Zhengxing Sun, Lisha Zhang, Enyi Tang: An Incremental Learning Method Based on SVM for Online Sketchy Shape Recognition. ICNC 2005: 655-659


  • Software Dependability Evaluation Project 2007-2010
  • Alias Analysis with Eclipse JDT 2006-2007


  • I visited Prof. Zhengdong Su’s group in UCDavis from Sep. 2008 to Sep. 2009

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